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The Design Community Hub is a portal for everyone in design to talk to one another for help and advice . A digital platform for professionals across the design world to give their time , knowledge and expertise – supporting the talented graduates and design professionals whose careers have been affected by the pandemic. To keep the industry alive , for a more creative future.

It’s the least we can do.


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These are challenging times for our sector.

Our industry is under pressure.

Jobs are scarce.

Cuts are crippling agencies.

And it’s hitting designers hard.

It’s design talent we can’t afford to lose.

For now, or for the future.

It’s time to act. To come together. To use our passion for the profession to guide this – and the next – generation.

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Our pledge

It’s the least we can do

Until we can offer roles -

We can share experience

Until we can hire more designers -

We can help them develop

Until we can build careers -

We can boost the community


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What do we need from you?

Design leaders: it’s not just your knowledge we need. To support the talent that drives our industry, we need money. We’re asking for donations as little to keep our platform running. Small money for industry budgets – but added together it’s a transformative sum. Uniting the design community and supporting the needs of some, through the generosity of others, for the good of us all.

What will we do with your money?

With your donation we can develop the hub, and keep access free and open to everyone who needs it. Funding everything over the next few years – from running and adapting the platform, to future events, and bringing ideas from the community to life. Your support will help people whose careers should be thriving, not on hold.

If you’re ready to play your part, join us.
Share your time and knowledge.
Shape the future of our industry.

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